Nutracentis, the new gluten-free superfood pasta.

Pasta Natura has developed a new range of products under the brand ‘Nutracentis’ in order to offer consumers a new kind of pasta, obtained with original ingredients and with an amazing taste.

To produce Nutracentis pasta, we use mostly the flour obtained directly from the organic grains cultivated in Pasta Natura’s fields in Piedmont.

White corn and Sorghum are at the basis of the several recipes of Nutracentis gluten-free superfood pasta. These naturally gluten-free ancient grains are typical of Piedmont and allow to produce a delicious gluten-free pasta.

Nutracentis is not only for those suffering from coeliac disease or has gluten sensitivity, but it also wants to become the fundamental ingredient for those who want to follow the principles of the Mediterranean diet and choose food more carefully.

Nutracentis represents a real revolution, a new lifestyle for more conscious consumers.

Everybody loves pasta, so why not try the new nutraceutical superfood pasta?

It’s good and tasty, nutrient-rich, and easily digestible…what else could you ask to an inviting plate of pasta?

Nutracentis ancient grains pasta can be tasted alone or together with the superfoods selected for their unique flavour and their excellent nutritional properties that give them an amazing and innovative taste, definitely worth trying!

The range of Nutracentis products includes the following recipes:


sorghum pasta

sorghum and beetroot pasta

white corn-based

white corn pasta

pepper and turmeric white corn pasta

white corn and spirulina pasta