100% certified organic supply chain

Nutracentis Supply chain and Production

Nutracentis supply chain is short and certified. Every single step of production is environmentally friendly. This is just the premise of Nutracentis values and quality.

Why is Nutracentis so special?

Only the best organic and gluten-free raw materials are employed in the production of Nutracentis pasta.

The cultivation takes place in Pasta Natura’s fields in Piedmont.

The close contact with the fields makes us every day more and more passionate about our work. We devote our attention completely to the careful handling of raw materials, from sowing to the production of pasta. We know every single grain used in the production of the flour that will become Nutracentis pasta.

White Corn and Sorghum are the base ingredients, available alone or together with beetroot, spirulina, or turmeric and black pepper, the fantastic superfood chosen by Nutracentis to make the innovative and tasty nutraceutical pasta.

Environmentally friendly production, short supply chain and biodiversity characterise our production process: ‘directly from the field to your table’.

From sowing to pasta-making


In our fields we sow just non-GMO ancient grains: sorghum and white corn. Those cereals have a great stamina because during the millennia they have naturally adapted to the traits of the soil.


Our agriculture is sustainable both environmentally and ethically. We witness the growth of our plants until they are completely mature.


Our production is environmentally friendly. In every phase of production, we follow a model of agriculture that is based on the old values of respect towards our territory, at the same time respecting the safety and quality requirements of the productions of our time.


The stone grinding plant allows us to obtain flours that preserve all the nutritional values of raw materials and that have excellent organoleptic properties. After this delicate grinding process, a likewise skilful process of production of pasta follows, a process that includes bronze drawing and slow drying at low temperatures.

Pasta making

Thanks to our short supply chain we need a very short time, from the harvest to the production of the pasta and the packaging of the final product. ‘Directly from the field to your table’ to let you savour a new pasta with an amazing taste!