The good pasta for the good ones

Nutracentis, the nutraceutical superfood pasta.

Nutraceutis pasta is natural, ideal for those who want to eat healthily without renouncing to the taste.

The supply chain is organic, Italian, and certified.

What’s the secret of Nutracentis pasta?

Nutraceutics and superfoods.

Nutracentis goes beyond gluten-free.

By employing the principles of nutraceutics, it has chosen just fantastic ingredients for its pasta:

ancient grains like sorghum and white corn and useful and nutraceutical foods like spirulina, beetroot, turmeric mixed with pepper.

In this way Nutracentis pasta is not just gluten-free, but it becomes a superfood pasta.

a healthy and nutritious food able to provide benefits.

Pasta suitable for every dietary requirement

  • For coeliac disease

    Because it is naturally gluten-free

  • To feel more active

    Because it’s rich in phosphorous

  • Anti-Age

    Because healthy eating helps to feel young

  • For sport and fitness

    Because it is rich in easily digestible nutritious properties

  • For well-being

    Because it is rich in fibre

  • For pregnancy, weaning and growth

    Because it is suitable for every diet

Comparison: White Corn, Sorghum and other kinds of wheat

The ancient grains chosen for the production of Nutracentis pasta are naturally gluten-free,

it is therefore suitable for those who have gluten sensitivity or suffer from coeliac disease.

Sorghum flour, also known as “durra flour”, is light and delicate,

It is rich in vitamins, minerals and fibre, and has generally a neutral taste.


White Corn flour is rich in fibre, iron, phosphorous, vitamins of the B group and has a low amount of nickel (compared to 00 flour, both wholemeal flour and yellow corn flour).

White corn contains more fibre than yellow corn.