the good pasta for people who care about themselves

Different kinds of pasta for different alimentary need

  • For those affected by coelic disease

    Because they are naturally gluten-free

  • For pregnant women

    Because they are easy to digest and high on iron and phosphorous

  • For the weaning of your children and their growing phases

    Because they are high on iron and phosphorous

  • For women in their menopause

    Because they are high on phosphorous

  • For people lacking in iron

    Because they contain it in great quantity

  • Anti Age

    Becuse they are source of antioxidant

  • To keep blood sugar in check

    Since white corn has medium glycaemic index

  • For those intollerant to nickel

    Because white corn contains an insignificant amount of

  • For those who do sports and those who study

    Because they are rich of nutrients and highly digestable

  • To keep cholesterol in check

    Because they are rich of fibers

  • For people suffering from diabetes

    Because sorghum has a low glycaemic index

  • More benefits

    Thanks to the superfood

Comparison: White Corn, Sorghum and other kinds of wheat