Certified 100% italian supply and production chain

Bioagricert Certification (Company recognized by MIPAAF) (www.bioagricert.org/it/) for the organic process since the raw materials.

Nutracentis ensures that every step of the cycle is made in Italy, except for black pepper and turmeric.

Exclusive milling and past making post for gluten-free wheats (white corn and sorghum). exclusive purchase of bio raw material, certified by a ministry approved body. No intermediary step: direct purchase from farmers and direct control of cultivation methods.

Direct negotiations are elements of economical balance, essential for farmers.

Nutracentis agrees and plans the production with farmers within the logic of an ethic and sustainable economy for everyone. No research of low cost raw materials abroad means no blackmail to farmers and no downward trend in prices.

From sowing to pasta making


Only ancient grains not genetically modified (great resistance to droughts and to adverse weather because they did naturally adapt though millennia). Fields between Cremona and Mantova (far from high/medium traffic roads and far from industrial installation)


The fields are not irrigated for environmental sustainability and to avoid contamination.


With treshing the ripe grain kernel itself is separated from the ear and from the stalks’ straw, not to mention from the chaff that surrounds them.


Integral grinding of the wheats in a mill close to the fields. Low environmental impact for transportation and bimestral grinding. The wheat, as soon as it is milled, is entirely different from the one sitting in silos for months; its structure is earthier (/full-bodied) to the touch and it can be regognised by smell.

Pasta making in 7 days from its milling

The wheat is fresh. In isn’t preserved in silos for months like industrial wheats are (also avoiding any risk of mold growth).