Nutritional properties Sorghum and Beetroot

Sorghum and beetroot, all their nutrients

Beetroot gives to sorghum pasta a touch of colour and increase also the amount of minerals and vitamins, that are already present in sorghum. This pasta is rich in fibre and proteins. It is a gluten-free food, and is also suitable for vegan and vegetarian diets.

Beetroot as food

Beetroot is easily digestible and has a depurative effect. His presence in sorghum pasta hasn’t just a “decorative purpose”, though beetroot gives to pasta a good colour for sure, but it was chosen for its excellent flavour and its qualities as superfood.

Sorghum and beetroot pasta, what is its taste?

Sorghum pasta in the recipe with beetroot keeps its delicate taste, and for this reason is appreciated by everyone. With its inviting colour it is perfect for children too.

Here you can find all Nutracentis recipes with sorghum and beetroot.

Sorghum and beetroot pasta, the alternative to durum wheat

Sorghum and beetroot pasta is an unusual and captivating gluten-free alternative to wheat pasta. This Nutracentis pasta is new for its taste but traditional for its production, and is perfect for those who want to limit the intake of wheat pasta or for those who have to follow a gluten-free diet. Good pasta is always “al dente” and sorghum and beetroot pasta does not disappoint expectations.



How to pair TORCETTI

Sorghum and Beetroot torcetti are delicious when they are seasoned with pecorino. For those who like strong flavours, we suggest to season sorghum and beetroot torcetti with spice-based sauces.

Cooking tips

To cook Nutracentis sorghum and beetroot pasta, you just need 4 minutes. It is enough to boil water (a litre per 100g of pasta), salt it when the first bubbles appear (10g of salt per 100g of pasta) and then pour the pasta in the water as it begins to boil again. Drain pasta some seconds before its complete cooking, if you want to flavour it in a pan.